Production Timing & Process for Spotlight On


It’s a common question . . . “how long does it take to make a show?” 2 to 3 months seem to be a normal turn-­around time from start to finish.
Here’s a typical scenario. Once we are in receipt of the contract & underwriting, the production process begins.

  1. First we set up a pre-­scripting conference call between your key people, and our Senior producer. You’ll give us your thoughts and key message points you want the public to know. What would you like 5 or 6 million people to remember -­ -­ if they think about you the next day for 10 seconds? After discussing what you want, (frequently even what you don’t want, as well!), we then start to work writing the script. At this point, your job is over.

  2. In 2-­3 weeks we present the script. We’ll present it to you orally, bringing the show to life describing visuals, sound effects, voice-­over, etc. We’re good story tellers, and you’ll be able to clearly envision the completed program very well.

  3. Generally underwriters are quite pleased at this point, but there typically are changes to be made, from your perspective. Good . . . it is your show, and we realize you’ll be using it for other purposes, so we want to make it fit your needs. But it does need to abide by Public Television Standards and Guidelines. We rely on YOU, to keep the information accurate and correct.

  4. Upon script approval, we schedule the filming day. We travel anywhere in the continental USA for one day’s shooting -­‐ typically enough to complete the show. Should you have any B-­roll, we can use that, broadening the scope of what’s shown. During the day’s shoot, we film interviews, background footage, everything.

  5. Upon completion of filming -­‐ editing & post production starts, voice-­over is added, music, sound effects, all the elements of a show are created. Usually within two weeks of filming, the show is completed, uploaded to a test site so everyone can view it. Any changes in visuals are now made until the program is approved by your organization. Here is a typical test site:

  6. When all changes are made the program is included in the next Satellite uplink for national distribution, typically each Quarter. We supply you with compressed versions of your program in various formats for the internet and your specific applications.

  7. Finally, 45-­60 days after the first quarter the program airs, you will receive a National Stations Audience Audit Report of airings issued quarterly.

  8. To sum up, 2 to 3 months seem to be a normal turn-­around time from start to finish.