About Trivue Inc.


Trivue Inc. dba Trivue Entertainment was incorporated in 1985 as a photography/production company. 30 years later, we are still photographing and producing! Our focus changed a bit, and over the years, we’ve produced over 150 shows broadcast on Public Television nationwide!

We are “SAM” approved (System for Award Management) which allows us to produce shows for Federal government agencies like the CDC, NIH, USDA, etc. in addition to our trusted underwriters such as associations, corporations and foundations. We're referenced here in "THE HILL" in a show we did for the USDA (we're in 3rd paragraph.)  http://thehill.com/business-a-lobbying/lobbying-contracts/218132-under-contract

Interestingly, about 40 years ago, we developed a technique of filming race horses (yearlings) to be shown at major horse sales. We still film yearlings for the same major horse farms we started with - 36 years ago! Click Here to take a look at our Horse videos.

Over the years, Trivue has dealt with a multitude of production services: Corporate videosAerial Drone filmingtranslation to foreign languages for international trade, superior digital video compression technology so movies can be used on websites and various social media outlets . . . we do quite a few things!