Over The Last 25 Years, A Few Of Our Classics

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Our Underwriter list speaks for itself!

  • ANIMAL Shows 

Association of American Feed Control Officials     "Feeding Animals"

American Veterinary Medical Association     "Preventing Dog Bites"

Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine   "Hasn't been around for 4,000 years for nothing"

Friends of Animals    "Animal Protection"

The Fund for Animals    "Animal Care"

Arabian Horse Association     "Arabian Horses"

American Saddlebred Horse Association   "Saddlebred Horses- first breed established in America"

PetsMart Charities/ASPCA    "Greyhound Rescue"

Wildlife Conservation Society    "Wildlife - Don't make them history"

  • COMMUNITY shows

National 4-H Council  "Learning... the 4-H way!" 

The Carter Center  "Waging Peace"   /  Their site: http://www.cartercenter.org/news.html

YMCA   "Family Values"

Volunteers of America  "Volunteering"

Problem Gambling Awareness Foundation "Gambling Problems"   /  Their site: http://www.jeu-compulsif.info

American Society of Association Executives (ASAE)   "The Association's Association!"

Junior Achievement  "Inspiring and Preparing Our Youth"

Freedom From Religion Foundation "All of us want this...Freedom of Religion" / Their site: http://ffrf.org/

Childreach (Plan International)  "Everyone should have the 'Right' To Learn"

AARP Foundation  "Improving Children's Literacy"

The National Grange  "The Grange"



International Code Council   "Building Codes- Taken for granted until something goes wrong"

Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute   "It's Completely Invisible- and does so much"

International Door Association   "The Electric Garage Door"

The Marble Institute   "The Things We Do With Marble"

National Frame Building Association   "Post-Frame Buildings"

Owens Corning Roofing & Asphalt   "You'll Appreciate Your Roof After This Show"


  • EDUCATION shows

The Achievement Council/ARCO Foundation   "Equal Education"

American Watchmakers Institute/ROLEX   "The Swiss Watch- A Marvel OF Engineering"

Great Books Foundation   "The Value Of Reading"

Council for Economic Education   "Financial Literacy"

Council of Educational Facility Planners  "How We Create Better Learning Environments"

Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs "Value of Accreditation"

IACET  "Int'l Assoc for Consulting Education & Training" -- Imagine a world without Standards! 

Christopher Columbus Foundation  "Innovative & Creative Thinking"


  • ENERGY Shows

WIRES!    "The Electric Transmission Grid Powers the Future!"

Center for Liquefied Natural Gas  "Liquefied Natural Gas"

National Energy Marketers  "Deregulation Vs. Energy Costs"

Osram Sylvania   "The Efficiency of LED Lights"



North American Plant Protection Organization    "International Pests Hide Everywhere"

National Ski Areas Association    "Sustainable Slopes"

Paperboard Packaging Council   "Recycling"

The NACE Foundation    "Corrosion"   /   Spanish version

National Air Duct Cleaners Association   "Indoor Air Pollution Levels"

Association of Consulting Foresters    "Myth: Our Forestlands Are Shrinking"

Hardwood Forest Foundation     "In the US, for every tree cut, 6 more are planted"

Beyond Pesticides     "Genetically Modified Foods"

National Coalition Against the Misuse of Pesticides     "Pesticides"

NAPCOR     "Plastic Recycling"

Zero Population Growth   "Population Growth"

National Environmental Education Training Foundation    "National Public Lands Day"

Belzona Corrosion  The word 'Corrosion' comes from Latin 'corrodere' which means literally 'to gnaw to pieces'

Belzona Corrosion (Spanish Version) Spanish version


  • FASHION Shows

Dupont/Lycra  "Nylon. It's first application wasn't even close to fashion. It was bristles in a toothbrush"

The Wonderbra (Sara Lee Foundation)   "Fashion & an Alternative to Cosmetic Surgery"


  • FINANCE Shows

American Land Title Association "Protecting your Property Rights"

SCORE  "Small Business Mentoring"

Nat'l Assoc of Mortgage Brokers  "A Bank is a Place that will lend you money - if you prove you don't need it!"

FICO Score/Fair Isaac Corp.  "Credit Scores"

American Mortgage Educators     "Predatory Lending"

H & R Block    Taxes- "The hardest thing to understand is the income tax!" Albert Einstein

American Society of Appraisers   "Appraising, in many ways, is like playing with fire!"

Nat'l Real Estate Investors Assoc   "Seller Financing"


  • FOOD Shows

National Corn Growers Association   "Biotechnology & Agriculture"

California Dried Plum Board (Ketchum)     "Dried Plums (Prunes)"

California Almond Board    "California Produces over 80% of the Worlds Almonds"

Blueberry Council     "Blueberries"

National Coffee Association   "Coffee is the 2nd most traded commodity in the world- next only to oil"

American Plastics Council    "Food Safety"

International Packaged Ice Association     "Fresh Clean Ice"

Idaho Potatoes   "Some people don't want to eat these, they think it will make them fat. Not true"

Washington State Potato Commission   "Processed Potatoes"

California Kiwifruit Commission    "Kiwifruit"

Miller Brewing Company    "Micro-Brewed Beer"

Milk Foundation     "A calorie is a unit of energy, not a unit of weight"

Pear Bureau   "Nutrition & Cooking"

Rodale Institute    "Organic Farming"

Aseptic Packaging     "You Don't Always Need Refrigeration"

Gallo Wine-Sonoma County    "Wines of Sonoma"

U.S. Apple Association   "Apples"

Independent Natural Food Retailers
"Once, during Prohibition, I was forced to live for days on nothing but food   and water" W.C.Fields



U.S. Department of Justice  "Used Car Buying" (in progress)

USDA/U.S. Department of Agriculture   "BioSecurity for Birds"  /  The Hill (see 3rd paragraph) 

NASA   "Space Exploration - Why?"

CDC Center for Disease Control    "Excess Mortality"

NIH - National Institutes for Health    "Diabetes"

Administration on Aging    "Family Caregiver"


  • HEALTH Shows

Cornelia de Lange Syndrome Foundation "Cornelia de Lange Syndrome" / Their site: www.cdlsusa.org

The American Hearing Research Foundation    "Hearing and Balance"

Schering-Plough    "Asthma"

GlaxoSmithKline   "Health Care Costs"

GlaxoSmithKline "Meningitis B"

Bausch & Lomb Surgical   "Lasik Surgery"

American Optometric Association   "Children's Vision"

Bayer Pharmaceuticals    "Antibiotic Resistance"

American Tinnitus Association     "Ringing in the ears - it won't stop"

American Board of Medical Specialities    "Board Certification"

Aetna   "Long Term Care"

Better Hearing Institute "Hearing loss is not just an ailment of old age. It can strike at any time, at any age"

Johnson & Johnson (Novartis)   "Together Rx"

Lifescan/Johnson & Johnson   "Diabetes"

America Pain Society    "Most of Dr. Kevorkian's patients said pain was their main reason"

American Medical Directors Association    "Managing Pain"

United Brachial Plexus Network     "Child Birth Injuries"

Rembrandt/Denmat     "Teeth Whitening"

Contact Lens Manufacturers Assoc "There's lots of things about our eyes people believe that aren't true at all!"

Glaxo-Wellcome   "Migraine Headache Imitrex"

American Academy of Dermatology   "Skin Cancer"

National Breast Cancer Awareness     "Awareness"

Cancer Research Institute     "Watch Cancer Die!"

National Council on Aging    "Senior Independence"



American Waterways Operators   "America’s Tugboat, Towboat and Barge Industry"

American Council of the Blind   "Willing, Able and Seeking Opportunity"

U.S. Chamber of Commerce    "Rebuilding America's Infrastructure"

American Foundry Society    "Modern Castings do more than you think"

American Public Works Association    "What does Public Works actually do?"

National Funeral Directors     "Meaningful Funerals"

American Congress on Surveying    "Surveyors, you don't really know what they do!"

Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth    "The World Trade Center"

Pipeline Association for Public Awareness     "Pipeline Safety"

Association of Teleservices International     "Teleservices today, goes way beyond taking messages"

National Stone & Gravel Association     "Stone Aggregate"

California Cut Flower Commission     "Flowers"

Association for Advancing Automation     "Robots are NOT taking our jobs"

International Fragrance Association     "Creativity in new fragrances!"

Yankee Candle Company    "Smelling- an instinct most of us... underestimate!"


  • 'THE LAW' shows

National Elder Law Foundation   "Legal issues and Elder Law"   Their site: www.nelf.org

U.S. Department of Justice   "Used Car Buying"  (in progress)

National Insurance Crime Bureau   "Vehicle Theft & Insurance Fraud"

Southern Poverty Law Center    "Prejudice"   /  Their site: https://www.splcenter.org/news/2004

National Lawyers Association    "What IS . . . an Unalienable Right?"

International Trademark Association    "The world's biggest business - is counterfeiting & piracy!"

National Court Reports Association    "The Court reporter"

LifeLock    "Identity Theft"

Center for America    "Whacky Warning Labels"

Intellectual Property Owners Association     "What is the value of an idea?"

The Sentencing Project  "The United States has the largest prison population in the world . . ."


  • MUSIC Shows

RCA Records (Featuring K.T. Oslin)    "Country Music - Portrait of a Performing Artist"

The Juilliard School    "Juilliard Jazz"


  • SAFETY Shows

Outdoor Power Equipment Institute     "Outdoor Power Equipment"

Protective Headgear Manufacturers    "Helmets"

National Floor Safety Institute     "Slip & Fall Accidents"

Belzona Marine     "Engineering Boat Safety"



Zippo Lighter     "American Collectibles"

Rubbermaid Office Products    "Ergonomics in the Office" 

Greenbaum Interiors     "Interior Design"



Sports Turf Managers Association    "The Field"    /  Spanish Version

Billiard Congress of America    "What makes "Pool" a sport"

Tennis Industry  Cardio Tennis



Consumer Technology Association     "Smart Home Security"

Eastman Kodak     "Digital Imaging"

The Diesel Technology Forum     "Diesel Fuel"

Consumer Reports    "Digital TV Transition"

Consumer Electronics Association    "Digital TV"

Assoc. for Automatic Identification & Mobility/AIM Global  "RFID- Radio Frequency Identification"


  • TRAVEL Shows

Cayman Islands    "Cayman Islands"

American Society of Travel Agents   "When we travel, we're immersed outside of our normal. . . doings"

Adventures by Disney    "Family Travel Around The World"