“Spotlight On” is an ongoing series of educational, short four to five minute programs that has been broadcasting nationally on Public Television for 23 years.  “Spotlight On” is the only program that guarantees a minimum of 500 national airings (40% - 60% during prime-time) to a minimum of 3,000,000 viewers.

We are the only such program that issues a confirmed station monitoring report. 

Underwriters receive a PBS stations Audience Report of confirmed airings, issued by PBS Research Department.  This report shows each PBS affiliate that airs your show, how many times it was broadcast, total number of viewers, prime time / non-primetime, marketshare, etc.

Although programs continue airing for a year or longer, the monitoring period is for the first 3 months of broadcast; actual total viewership is far greater than the guaranteed minimums.

Public Television Stations air “Spotlight On” programs daily.

Programs are developed in conjunction with the underwriter to ensure content & technical accuracy.  The underwriter is given complete script and program approval rights.  Here’s a program we produced for Consumers Reports:


All “Spotlight On” programs are distributed via satellite access feed from Washington, D.C.  Prior to each “Spotlight On” satellite feed, all Stations are notified through the public television wire service, E-mail Express.

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There is a one-time cost for underwriting a “Spotlight On “ segment.  This funding includes one continental U.S. location shoot, all editing, scripting, distribution, satellite uplinking and monitoring. “Spotlight On” programs make excellent marketing videos and Underwriters can be provided with a High Definition master, as well as all video shot!


In addition to broadcast, we have painstakingly refined a technique of extremely high-quality video compression offering Underwriters the option of putting their “Spotlight On” programs on their website for additional exposure.  We offer the same high quality compressions as seen on major motion picture studios.

Social Media, Blogging, Tweeting, Messaging, YouTube HD, Vimeo, or good old fashioned email - all can be enhanced when we prepare your program for internet distribution.  Our compressions include  QuickTime, Real Player, Windows Media, Podcasting, closed-captioning www.aoa.gov/, even YouTube!



Many underwriters are requesting their shows to be translated into foreign languages for global distribution.  We can easily accommodate that.  In many, many different languages. Look here:

www.nace-found.org or Spotlight On: Addiction