Spotlight On:

  • Guaranteed minimum of 500 national airings in the first quarter's airing.
  • Guaranteed minimum of 3 million viewers.
  • Complete with Public Television Stations Audience Audit Report.
  • Historically 40%-60% airings in Prime Time.
  • Most shows continue airing for years.


Public Television has a much larger audience than people realize.

  • Public Television Stations reach nearly 90 million viewers each week
  • Most American households, nearly 70%, watch Public Television
  • Nearly 2x the coverage of CNN & The Discovery Channel

Public Television provides advantages other channels can't deliver - an audience of informed, affluent viewers. An audience of interested and educated viewers!

  • 42% more likely to own stock.
  • 55% more likely to have written to an elected official.
  • 42% more likely to have taken part in a civil issue.

Nielsen Television Index data shows that Public Television reaches an extremely desirable audience, including a higher percentage (compared with total U.S. TV households) of:

  • College-Educated Viewers.
  • Older Viewers.
  • Higher Income Viewers.
  • 99% of US homes receive Public Television Stations.

"If your organization has an educational message - Public Television provides a highly respected venue with integrity, fair balance and quality programming standards."