In considering where to invest your public outreach dollars, consider these facts:


“Spotlight On” is the only public awareness program with a guaranteed airing platform on National Public Television.

500 Minimum Airings

“Spotlight On” is the only program that guarantees a minimum of 500 airings nationwide, to a minimum of 3 million viewers!  If your show doesn’t reach those minimums, it will be re-uplinked at our expense until it does.

Viewership Guaranteed

“Spotlight On” is the only such program to put airing & viewership guarantees IN WRITING. And DOCUMENTS this with a PBS Stations Audience Report!


Public Television provides advantages other channels can’t deliver  -  an audience of informed, affluent viewers.

An audience of interested and educated viewers!

Viewership = Education

42% more likely to own stock.

55% more likely to have written to an elected official.

42% more likely to have taken part in a civil issue.



Public Television has a much larger viewing audience then people realize.

PBS & member stations reach nearly 90 million people each week.

Reach More People

Most American households, nearly 70%, watch Public Television.

Nearly two times the coverage of CNN & The Discovery Channel.


Spotlight On programs are broadcast so frequently because they are short programs (3 to 5 minutes). Unlike longer 60 minute shows, there are many shorter airing slots available.

If you’ve ever watched Public Television and have seen a short, educational show 3 to 5 minutes long it probably was a “Spotlight On”, and you didn’t know it.