Spotlight On
The National Public Television Series

Over these years, we’ve produced an incredible diversity of programs.  Asthma,

Electricity,  Kiwifruit,  Hate Crimes,  Fashion,  Animals, Travel,  Insurance Fraud,

Flowers, Horses, Pears, Gambling, Counterfeiting & Piracy, Acupuncture -

from the Wonderbra’s mechanics to Greyhound Racing -

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Public Television . . . Programming that makes you think

An Interested Audience . . .  An Educated Audience . . .

You just won’t find that anywhere else!

  1. BulletSpotlight On:

    - Guaranteed minimum of 500 National Airings on Public Television

    - Guaranteed minimum of 3 Million Viewers

    - Complete with a PBS Stations Audience Audit Report

    - Approximately 40% - 60% airings in Prime Time

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Spotlight On is an ongoing series of short, educational, four to five minute programs with a guaranteed airing platform on National Public Television, for over 23 years - a very long time in our business!

Spotlight On is the only program that guarantees a minimum of 500 airings, nationwide (40% - 60% during prime-time) to a minimum of 3,000,000 public television viewers, complete with a PBS Stations Audience Report.

Public Television Stations broadcast Spotlight On programs daily.

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Spotlight On:  A Strong Alternative to Advertising

Public Awareness Programming

“If your organization has an educational message - Public Television provides a highly respected venue with integrity, fair balance, & quality programming standards.”

Nielsen Television Index data shows that PBS reaches an

extremely desirable audience, including a higher percentage

(compared with total U.S. TV households) of:

  1. Bullet  College-Educated Viewers

  2. Bullet  Older Viewers

  3. Bullet  Higher Income Viewers

  4. Bullet  99% of US Homes Receive Public Television Stations

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